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"I hope myself to spread out the music through the net"

Such a hope is one of my motives of starting Anaheim Records.
Here is the corner for an egoist like you who think "buying CD is annoying, and also do not want to pay",
or for preview of new coming work or something more,

All files are formatted in mp3 (of course, yes).
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format:128Kbps stereo
Section 1: <農村テクノ特集> No-Son* Techno Special Program *rural agricultural district in Japanese

Shigehito Funaki作品、ほのぼの特集です。まあ、随所に未熟なところありですが、とにかく当時は音楽をつくるのが楽しかった!あの素晴らしい日々よカムバック!温故知新ってことで(?)最近電車の中でぐるぐる聴いてます。今に較べると貧弱な機材達ですが、参考に紹介しますね。工夫次第でいくらでもできるし、要は何がやりたいかが重要ですね。
シーケンサ:MC-50MkII、リズムマシン:R-8、シンセ1:SC-88MkII、シンセ2:Matrix-1000、ミキサー&マスターレコーダ:??Fostexのカセット4Trk MTR、エフェクター:Korg A5(ギター用マルチ)、BOSS Metal Zone等

a Shigehito Funaki work, a heart-warming special program. Um, though there're immature things in every parts, I had much fun in making music at that time anyway! Those wonderful days, come back! Know the old, find out the new (?), I'm listening in these tunes round and round in the train. These, shown below, are poorer equipments than what I have now, I'd like to introduce them for your referrence. Anything could be possible when you do try something to make it better, the important thing is that not to lose the idea what you want.
Sequencer: MC-50MkII, Rhythm machine: R-8, Synthesizer 1: SC-88MkII, Synthesizer 2: Matrix-1000, Mixer & master recorder: ??Fostex Cassette 4Trk MTR, Effector: Korg A5 (multi-effector for guitar), BOSS Metal Zone, etc.

Duck Dugs Dump [4.5MB]

(upload: 1999.03.07)

The mix arrangement is rambling. These series of work are the duplications from the master tapes with newly bought DAT. Sorry for the poor sound quality. The original mix is bad in the first place. I didn't use M-1000. Used SC-88 for one part, effected R-8 for the rest parts. I aimed for a groovy track. That was just in a transitional season from Autumn to Winter, each time I saw the sunset, surpressed my tear drops. I don't know why, it makes me cry, that season's sunset. (seriously).

December [3.4MB]

強めのフランジャーとか、異空間感覚?と親しみやすさってのがねらいです。不思議な感じを出したかった、あれこれやった末の、あのオンチ?なメロディです。今聴いてみて、私が連想するものは、、なんと石油ストーブ!(網が真っ赤に焼けるやつね)完成度でいえば×ですが、こういう勝手気ままな音楽は、のびのびしていていつ聴いても気持ちがいいです。 自由にのびのびいこう!イントロから全体になってるコードはM-1000、オンチパート×2がSC-88です。今回もR-8がメイン、ギター用マルチ×2+コンパクトDISTなどが使用機材です。
(upload: 1999.03.14)

A stronger flanging effect, or a sense of strange space? And a familiarity, they were my intentions. I wanted to make something odd, tried various things, and concluded it at that off-key melody. Now I am listening to it and reminded of... an oil heater (the one with red-burnt iron mesh)! I think this is NG at workmanship, but, from such an arbitrary music, I feel good everytime I listen in it because of its spontaneousness. Go free and spontaneous! M-1000 played the chords through introduction to the end, SC-88 played off-key partx2, R-8 took the main part also this time. The other used equipments are Multi-effector for guitarx2 + compact DIST, etc.

Solar eclipse [4.9MB]

もうこれはタイトルのまんま「日食」です。音ひとつひとつとか、ミックスとか荒っぽいというかへたれでダメなんですけど、奇妙なのを狙ったその方向性は面白いと思います。これは農村シリーズ全てについていえることですが、曲にしようという 意識がありますね。機材はねえ、シンセ系はSC-88、ほか全部R-8+ギターエフェクタってとこです。

This is what the title shows itself: "Solar eclipse". I think this direction to make something weird is still intersring though each sound and the mix is rough, or rather weak. To see whole work for No-Son series, there is an attitude to build a composition. About equipments. SC-88 for synth tones, R-8 + guitar effectors for all the rest.

Milky way,we go [5.1MB]

(upload: 1999.04.13)

This is also what the title shows itself. Yeah, milky. (there's a family restaurant in the same name, you know) I’m terrified that how could I made such a work. Equipments were the same as usual. SC-88 for synth, R-8 for rhythm sections. Delayed sounds were made with small multi-effector for guitar. Of course, much noise is on this work, but I think it's not good if it could make a clearer sound.

PacoPaco [7.8MB]

(upload: 1999.04.25)

Yeah, here it comes. My best and favourite one from No-Son special program. This was about to include in "No Purpose", but it's omitted because it doesn't fit to the other tracks. I guess when I was making this on my birthday, I heard the bassline in my mind while I was out for buying something at convenient store. Then I hurried back to my house, I recall. The file is bigger a little, please listen.

660 [4.5MB]

(upload: 1999.05.04)

To tell why I put the title like this, before, I was making like one work a day, they were too many to entitle each, I numbered them for the time being. I think they're like these: 400's are dark, 600's are well composed, and so on. But this system made me confused, and it was incovenient. Later, I decided to give certain titles to them. Equipments were as usual. SC-88 was working much.
Section 2: <4つの作品+Ww> Four Piecess + Ww

Shigehito Funaki作品と、アルバム「LOOP LOOM」より「Ww [remix]」。
Compositions by Shigehito Funaki and a track from "LOOP LOOM": Ww [remix].

Morning dew

Birthday: 1995.11
Time: 6m22s
Creater: Shigehito funaki

u.e.o [ウ.エ.オ.]

Birthday: 1996.8
Time: 5m50s
Creater: Shigehito funaki


Birthday: 1995.12
Time: 5m41s
Creater: Shigehito funaki


Birthday: 1996.9
Time: 4m52s
Creater: Shigehito funaki

Ww [remix]

[5MB] from album [LOOP LOOM / Seiji Funaki (remixed by Shigehito Funaki)] now on sale!
(uploaded date: 1999.02.15)
Section 3: <アナハイムレコードサンプラー> Anaheim Records Sampler

16 selections from Anaheim Records CD releases which YOWorks owns.

1998 zip file

Shigehito Funaki
Away Back In 2001
Pink Noise

Mitsuhiro Morita
75'sのモダニズム   75s modernism
no form
   professor Luvsanjav and the greenfield

The swimmerz

1999 zip file

Seiji Funaki


Touru Fukuhara
Rabbit bomb

Morihisa Ikeya
こん   Kon

Cranberry sauce

Shigehito Funaki
Powder note
a new day
以上、原文ママ。Translated from the original text.