3 pages for BEAST magazine #7 (January 2002)

In January/2002, Frank Werner (a graphic designer in Kassel, Deutschland) asked me to join as one of the contributors for BEAST magazine. It is so-called 72 dpi-magazine (pdf which is distributed on the web), edited and published by {ths}. {ths} is Frank Werner's friend, and also a graphic designer. He started this project as a place to show his and his friends' work. Each issues have different themes, contributors are expected to make some image along the theme. If contributor doesn't like the given theme, contributor could make some another image for the issue. Contributors are {ths}, his friends and sometimes invited persons through the web.

This time, I am invited to contribute some work for BEAST magazine #7 through Frank Werner. The theme is "Imitation". He wrote to me that the contributors seemed to follow {ths}'s style: dirty collage ("dirty" includes a bad taste image). He also wrote that he wanted to see image in another style. These comments gave the inspiration for my contribution in 3 pages with 3 texts: "imitation is a form of learning", "imitation is a form of training", "imitation is a form of creating".

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 11th September 2002
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