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Grov Alphabet

Grov was called Yamaocan Chicago, the font for my music work: Yamaocan Groove in 1996. The inspiration for this font, as the original name shows, came from Chicago: the system font for MacOS. Elementa, the other my personal interpritation of Chicago, seemed not fit to my image for Yamaocan Groove. So, I designed new personal version of it. Later, I decided to put this font as freeware, then changed the name to Grov. Since shown on my web page, Grov is the most requested font. I also have received the requests to expand the Grov family. Grov family increased slowly.

The bold complements for Grov family is designed in 2000-2002. Actually, bold complements for the upright characters had done in 2000. But, I could not finish the italic complements for various reasons, and I wanted to show them together. In October-Novemver/2002, they are completed.

Grov is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1996-2002.