About YOWorks

YOWorks stands for Yamaoka Original Works. Around 1992, I made the YOFonts label for my original font designs. Similarly, I had the idea to call my music label YOMusic. The name YOWorks is planned for the showcase of these two concepts. But then, I did not make any new music for YOMusic. I only had my old music from the 1980's. At that time, the only way to show my work was by sending sample sheets of my fonts to my friends who then send them to other friends. At first I was afraid that they might think my work was garbage. In 1994, I began to compose my music again.

Around 1996, I began activity through the net. Also, at that time in Japan, the internet web was becoming a subject of attention. I thought a web site would be a nice way to exhibit my work, so I made one as soon as I could. On January 1st 1997, YOWorks web site appeared on the world wide web. The main content was sample fonts and RealAudio music distribution.

On the 1st of January 1999, I got the domain. The new server storage is bigger than before, and I can run my original web domain through the new management. This made it easier for me to distribute my music through MP3 format: since many people have now gotten to know about this technology.

From the middle of 2003 until May 2006, my web site stopped running. The reasons were My HDD crashed and it was hard to recover much impotant data, and I had received too much junk e-mail that destroyed my e-mail server.

In June 2006, YOWorks web site cerebrated its first decade. I hope I can continue to maintain this site.


YOWorksはYamaoka Original Worksを縮めた名称です。自分の作ったフォント群をYOFontsと呼び始めた1992年頃、他にYOMusicという名称を自分の音楽用に使おうと思っていて、その2つをまとめた作品のショウケースをYOWorksとしました。とはいえ、当時YOMusicは名前だけで、肝心の音楽は1980年代に作ったものしかありませんでした。また作品発表するのも、せいぜい友人知人を通じ、迷惑がられながらもフォントの見本を見せる程度でした。音楽活動が再始動するのは1994年頃からです。




YOWorks owner
name: Yamaoka Yasuhiro
age: 3-year-old intelligence, 18-year-old feeling, 80-year-old physically
address: the Space