YOMusic - "This Is A Record"
01. PM1102SUN150594
02. PM1153SUN150594
03. AM0121TUE170594
04. AM0222TUE070694
05. PM0532SAT110694
06. AM0303SUN120694
07. AM0409MON130694
08. AM0502TUE140694
09. AM0434WED150694
10. AM0117THU160694
11. AM0423MON200694
12. AM0132MON270694
13. AM0233TUE280694
14. AM0334TUE050794
15. AM0134THU070794
16. PM1002SAT090794
17. AM0353MON110794
18. PM0423SUN310794
19. AM0338WED240894
Recordings from learning files by a DTM beginner:
Yamaoka Yasuhiro.

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©1994 Yamaoka Yasuhiro.

"This Is A Record" is my first DTM work with Apple Macintosh IIvx. I would make music sketches like every night since I had got this new device. Some of them were recorded on to DAT, some were deleted from floppy disk or from hard disk, some were left for next refinement.
Some music sketches once had their titles, now they have no titles but their time stamps. None of these rough sketches originally have had any proper titles. These are just the parts of record from my personal music history.

Originally released in late August 1994 (10-15 compact cassette tape copies).