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Techno Scholarship Lesson #2

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The Subject:
winter mute
by AE35

(in order of uploader):
Mitsuhiro Morita

Uploaded at their websites on 1st/April/1999.

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01. Yeppie/ACE/funaki 1Go introduce
02. AE35 (remix: ACE)
03. AE35 (remix: F7) winter mute SCRUB MIX
04. AE35 (remix: Mitsuhiro Morita) winter mute Morita mix
05. AE35 (remix: funaki 1Go) winter mute Most Grand Adventure mix
06. AE35 (remix: Yeppie) Winter Mutation (for A, E and 35) - the mutant
07. AE35 (remix: AE35) winter mute [RINGo Edit]
08. AE35 (remix: bane) winter mute honte mix
09. AE35 (remix: jamicow) winter mute "For Beautiful Human Life '99 mix"
10. AE35 winter mute
11. AE35 (remix: Yeppie) Winter Mutation (for A, E and 35) - mute/mutation

omitted remixes before the release:
AE35 (remix: Ukiwa) winter mute patch mix
AE35 (remix: INSIDE) winter mute Inside Mix

Originally compiled and released by funaki 1Go for Anaheim Records. Original card design by funaki 1Go. Calligraphic logotype by Wen at 000. Re-issue and card design re-arrangement by Yeppie for YOWorks.

Copyright of each track is owned by each creater. Please enjoy these tracks only for yourself.

Winter Mutation (for A, E and 35) について

AE35氏の原曲 "Winter Mute" の "Mute" という単語から着想を得た。

素材の音を限りなく消しながら (Mute - 消音)、別な音をそこから引きだす (Mutation - 変異)。

1. 原曲から適当な8小節分を抜き出す。
2. ギリギリ聞き取れる位に音量を小さくする。
3. ある周波数の音をイコライザーで出来る限り強調する。
A (440Hz及びその整数倍)、E (660Hz及びその整数倍)、35Hzを選んでいる。
4. 原曲が完全に聞き取れないレベルになるまで2と3を繰り返す。
5. 前半35回、後半35回の合計70回分の各音ファイルを作成。
6. 音量の増減等を調整して各音ファイルを合成。

そういうワケで、この作品、別名 "Moo Moo Heaven Mix" (もーもー天国ミックス) という。

1999年4月1日 Yeppie (山岡康弘) @ YOWorks

About Winter Mutation (for A, E and 35)

The idea comes from the word "mute" from the original tune "Winter Mute" by AE35.

MUTING the original sound limitlessly, making another MUTATED tone from it.

The work was done with a sound editor software Alchemy:
1. Cut 8 bars out from the original.
2. Mute the sound to the minimum level.
3. Boost frequency bands at very narrow width with equalizer function.
The tones are taken after the author's name of the original.
A (tones based on 440Hz), E (tones based on 660Hz) and 35Hz.
4. Repeat 2 and 3 until the original sound disappears.
5. Make sound files in 35 times (x2) repeating sounds.
6. Mix these sound files by controlling their volumes.

My friend listened to this "mutation" and said: "I can see many cows in the distance."
So, now it has another name "Moo Moo Heaven Mix".

Yeppie (Yamaoka Yasuhiro) @ YOWorks, April/1st/1999

moomoo heaven

original release date: 05.07.99, 1st re-issue: 02.03.03, 2nd re-issue: 12.07.07, 3rd re-issue: 06.05.18