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Techno Scholarship the 3rd, so-called "Tech-Schor 2000", or "Fools' Scholarship" in another name, has changed its way a little from the previous two conventions. It called for entries of foolish songs, then, each student remixed the song which each one liked.

The Subject:
Vocal Tracks?

(in order of uploader):

Uploaded at their web sites 1st/April/2000 (tr01-05), 22nd/April/2000 - 31st/May/2000 (tr06-18) except tr14, 17, 18.

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01. F7 I am chipper son of the bitch
02. ACE 殺し屋ACEの最期
03. Yeppie アリンコサンダル
04. Wen U3
05. funaki 1Go マシュマロマン
06. F7 (remix: ACE) SOB
07. ACE (remix: jamicow) 殺し屋ACEの最期 (Fruity-mix)
08. F7 (remix: jamicow) I am chipper son of the bitch (rock da house live mix)
09. funaki 1Go (remix: ACE) Super Machismo
10. Yeppie (remix: ACE) ALLIGATOR
11. F7 (remix: Yeppie) I am chipper son of the bitch (trippin’)
12. ACE (remix: F7) 殺し屋ACEの最期 - コンソメ
13. ACE (remix: Yeppie) Burial
14. ACE/Yeppie (remix: Wen) my saw
15. Wen (remix: Yeppie) U3 (surf 'n' snow)
16. funaki 1Go (remix: funaki 1Go) マシュマロマン〜かしこくなりたいmix
17. funaki 1Go (remix: Yeppie) マシュマロマン (フワフワS)
18. funaki 1Go (remix: jamicow) マシュマロマン (FM Sound Street Demo mix)

Special tracks by Yeppie for 6 copies of the limited paper sleeve edition:
Yeppie Intoduction - ラップ ザ テクスカ
funaki 1Go (remix: Yeppie) マシュマロマン (フワフワ)

Re-issue and card design by Yeppie for YOWorks. Additional materials provided by ACE and F7. Special thanks to funaki 1Go.

Copyright of each track is owned by each creater. Please enjoy these tracks only for yourself.






Poem and Music by Yeppie


この「作品」は、以前、某ネットで発表していた「ハリセンポエマーYeppie」というシリーズの延長線上にある。それは、自動的に思い浮かぶ意味のない言葉の音を書き連ねることを基本に、その音に任意の漢字を当てはめたり、順序を入れ替えて、何かの意味があるかのごとくポエム (笑) として提示するものだ。


2000年4月1日 Yeppie (山岡康弘) @ YOWorks

Ant Sandals (English translation)

If it means an abandoned dried love
It rolls down from a unstoppable story
To the house of glass

My dance
Grateful desperation

The supine bathing
Spindly pointy

Hi there

Poem and Music by Yeppie

There is no meaning in the title "Arinko Sandaru (Ant Sandals)", also in the words of this song.

This "work" is one from my "Harisen Poemer Yeppie" series which had been introduced on a net. ("Harisen" is a kind of Japanese fan that has wider folds and is used to slap one's face or head in a "comedic" situation, such as a party when someone says (or does) a foolish thing. "Poemer" means poet. This "wrong English" is one example of Japanese narrative English - so called Japanese English. The name "Harisen Poemer" is also taken from "Hariken Polymer": a Japanese action SF TV series.) The intention of this is; writing words which have no meaning and that come into my mind automatically, I then rewrite them in Kanji that has the same pronounciations, and/or exchange their lines, and present them as a poem (laughs) that seems to have some meaning. Is it really so? I don't know.
In most cases, I composed the poems as results of the confused and inexpressive mix of the words.

In "Arinko Sandaru", I used a rather "common" way to write words in Kanji, then arranged (or edited) the words. The sung melodies are made from edited adlib singings.

Yeppie (Yamaoka Yasuhiro) @ YOWorks 1st/April/2000


original release date: 01.04.01, 1st re-issue: 31.05.01, 2nd re-issue: 15.07.07, 3rd re-issue: 08.05.18