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Easy Groove. I wanted to make something more familiar than 1/2 after 5. My friends always said that my music sounds "difficult". To me, my music in 1/2 after 5 is not difficult, and I thought if my music sounds like that, it's because it doesn't sound familiar to my friends. The tunes in Yamaocan Groove may be weird for them, but I think they have a more familiar POP feeling.
Beating Introduction is joined with the tape of "Maxmin" vol.8.

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Beating Introduction
Play With Fire
Half Way Out
Stirring Up The Ocean
The Side Line
Beyond This River
Dawning After
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all files composed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro. recorded at home in Tokyo, May-June, 1996. originally, mailed as cassette tape: YOT-1. ©1996 Yamaoka Yasuhiro. YOMusic YOR-1. original release date: 07.07.96 (remaster version 1: 27.01.07, version 2: 29.11.11)