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Granular synthesis technology produces a quality of sound stretching without tonal pitch changes. When sound is over stretched, it causes a metallic feeling with a kind of quirky trembling from the granulated synthesis texture. Even though the result is not so smooth, the effect is like a microscopic view, zooming into the details of the sound. With this technique, the sound can be controlled for the wished duration and pitch, and short sound can be transformed into another kind of longer aural experience.

FOUR VARIATIONS IN STRETCH was created with this stretch technique and pitch changes from May to December 2013 by YAMAOKA YASUHIRO.

01. Choir and the Phantom Strings: male chorus, 02. The Pianist Is Sleeping: piano, 03. Rocking Rolls: electric guitars, basses and drums, 04. A Long Walk: a city noise.

©2013 Yamaoka Yasuhiro. YOMusic YOR-32.
release date: 14.01.14