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01. cyst
02. noctilucent
03. occipital phone
04. plop
05. jitterbug
06. glide one
07. glide two
08. tacit dialogue
09. passing
10. froth
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dokidokidance (for jitternbug) by nosaka kei-ichi
awaawa (for froth) by nosaka kei-ichi
I began my life in NY, but it was getting colder every day, therefore, I was not going outside from where I was living. I was almost "sheltering" myself. These pieces are composed under such circumstances.
I had been making my pieces with my friend's PC for 1-2 years. I came back to my Mac (and it was the first work made with my PowerBook G4 I recently bought) and was making these new pieces. At that time I could use only Peak and SoundEdit, I worked with these two softwares back and forth. The sources of the sounds are mostly from my past work. I guess these pieces are subtle reflections of my "feelings" of that time.
dokidokidance (for jitternbug) above, awaawa (for froth) below
illustrations by nosaka kei-ichi

all tracks composed by yamaoka yasuhiro,
produced in new york, october-november/2002.
©2003 yamaoka yasuhiro. yomusic yor-8.
release date: 18.03.03