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Out of the Room, Aircheck, Music for an Exhibition

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Out of the Room, Aircheck, Music for an Exhibition
Out of the Room Aircheck Music for an Exhibition

Out of the Room (1987)

01 . Out of the Room
for Synthesizer and Microphones. Improvisation. Recorded in September 1987.

One starry night, I was trying to mix my plays of synthesizer Yamaha DX21. By accident, my monitor headphone was off, then I heard surrounding insects singing around the outside of my room. It sounded very electronic. I put the microphone to the outside of the room, recorded it togather with my improvisation.

Aircheck (1983)

02 . a: 20.08.83
for Airwaves receiver. Recorded on 20th August 1983. Detail from 24'00".
03 . b: 24.08.83
for Airwaves receiver. Recorded on 24th August 1983.
04 . c: 24.08.83
for Airwaves receiver. Recorded on 24th August 1983. Detail from 11'01".

The original title of this series was Wireless Song and there were four (or more) recordings for the album Y. Yamaoka 3 in 1983. Both of the master tape of the chosen recording and the original copy of the album has been lost forever, but the rest has survived here. I recorded these sounds from the electronic field with my handmade airwaves receivers.

The field recording could be compared to photographing: cutting the sound in a certain moment and cropping the scene from a landscape. Aircheck, the set of snapshots of airwaves, is composed as the electronic field recording.

Music for an Exhibition (1985)

05 . 18'45"
for three MSX computers, programming. Recorded on 5th August 1985.
06 . 20'35"
for Piano and tape, Improvisation. Recorded on 7th August 1985.

Music for an Exhibition is composed for the Group Tsukune-Imo which was formed by the art club members from their graduate high school of Tottori in 1985. I exhibited these two music at the city public gallery. Each of them had the title, but I delete thier titles here, showing their durations instead. The one reason is, I think they had not have their titles from the beginning. Second, I am not sure the titles on the master tape are the same ones for the exhibition. Also, I cannot remember the certain content of the statement which I wrote for the work in this exhibition.

18’45” is composed for three MSX computers. The original idea was to install three computers at the various points in gallery, and to repeat play command while the exhibition was on. But there was no way to prepare them all, instead of this idea, I mixed down pre-recorded three tracks to 2-channel tape.
20’35” is corresponding improvisation to 18’45”, with Piano and pre-recorded reversed tape. If it was possible, my idea was to play piano with the tape at the exhibition, but I knew it was impossible. Instead of this idea, I recorded the play on the B side of 18’45”, played them alternately by portable stereo Compact Cassette Tape player with tiny two speakers.
Handle for the Axe

a documentary film about the artist Anthony Stellaccio. directed by Meri Collazos Solà.

size: 1280x720px, 12‘01”
watch the video on Vimeo: HANDLE FOR THE AXE from Meri C Sola
music: 20‘35” from Music for an Exhibition (1985) by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.

Meri Collazos Solà: Official website | MySpace

Handle for the Axe Exhibition was on at DCAC, 15 Oct - 14 Nov 2010.
All files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro. Remastered and edited in March 2009.
©1983, 1985, 1987 Yamaoka Yasuhiro. YOMusic YOR-26. release date: 05.05.10