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Listening Easy. I wanted to make something familiar, like Musak music for this album. It's similar to Yamaocan Groove.
The extra file Afterwards was originally inserted between Over and It Was a Long Distance, only for the cassette tape: YOT-3.

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Tuning Introduction
Short Visit
Coco Doco?
Circling a Surface
Organ Metric
It Was a Long Distance
Tanoshimi wo Mitsuketa yo
In the Schoolyard
Slip Away
Before Dimming
plus Afterwards
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all files composed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro. recorded at home in Tokyo, April-December, 1996. composed between September 1994, and December, 1996. ©1996 Yamaoka Yasuhiro. YOMusic YOR-3. original release date: 09.03.97 (remaster version: 18.02.10)